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                    "Get assured by Getting EC(Encumbrance Certificate)"

What is this useful for ?

The encumbrance certificate is used in property transactions as an evidence of free title/ownership. When buying an apartment, land or house, it is important to confirm that the land or property does not have any legal dues. A prospective home buyer must ensure that the property he intends to purchase has a clear and marketable title. The encumbrance certificate certifies that the property is not mortgaged and has no legal dues. The encumbrance certificate for property is available from the sub registrar office where the deed has been registered.

Maktril provides a special offer to all get EC 20$ only

Note : Offer valid 20 Nov 2012.

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Property Maintenance Services for apartments, housing estates, apartments and retail properties, villas, condominiums, apartments housing estates and resort villas, 

  • Engineering & preventative maintenance
  • accounting & financial reporting
  • Human resources, recruitment & training
  • Value enhancement
  • Energy management
  • Safety programmes
  • Security & cleaning management
  • Consultancy services including design,
  • Advice & property management audits
  • Private villa management services for individual owners 

Our property utility management services are preferred by many clients in HYDERABAD. We are efficient to arrange everything from handling utility bills, money matters, legal issues, maintenance, renovation to repairs and so on. The property management services provided by us include residential, commercial and retail spaces besides vacant property. Some of the major property management services are as mentioned below: 

• Identifying the tenant 
• Finalize the deal (Agreement) 
• Collecting the Rent
• Deposit of rent to Customers Bank A/C 
• Representation as agent of Landlord 
• Property Valuation (Done by every year)
• Personal visit (Twice in a month) 
• Consultancy on investment 
• Yearly EC

NRI Services:

If you are a Non Residential Indian (NRI) having your own property in Hyderabad, then no need to worry about your property. We have designed an exclusive suite of property management services based on your requirements. Our attractive property management service for NRIs include property reports, market analysis & property valuation, analysis of options, negotiation with landlord, property renting out services, private sector operators, renting out property and property management. We have a strong team setup for this particular department to create your distinct needs and offer best services.