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There is a test drive for cars... is there any such thing for properties also?

We wish we had something like that, life would have been rosy but we can prevent falling in wrong hands or wrong property by opting for professional advice before you make a purchase. Taking few measuring steps i.e. Market Analysis, Inspection, Legal Opinion and thorough investigation. Market Analysis gives a true picture about the property based on the present and future market conditions, Legal opinion Verifies the genuinity of the legal documents of the property and gives an unbiased opinion, Property Inspection team will visit the property and examine each and every corner from roof to foundation to give the actual condition of the property and Property Investigation team will dig out the facts behind the property by verifying the previous history of the property by using various sources. They will check for any litigations and risks involved in the property

Why Maktril.COM ? when there are plenty of brokers are available to sell or buy a property?

Unlike developed countries, brokers are not licensed or trained enough to handle property related issues. Most often uneducated individual get into this profession and 10 of 8 deals fail due to brokers mislead customers. More than 90% of agents absolutely not sure about the documentation part and “know how” of the local laws. Your objective is to maximize your profit by investing in right property but how often local agent can understand what is your motives are. Real Estate Agent is not your friend, and your friend can not do an agent job for you! MAKTRIL.COM has the both the qualities you are expecting. We wish your success like your friend and we have the expertise in the realty market. Any organisation's success relies in its customers success. MAKTRIL.COM belives in facts and retain its customers through our wide range of services..  

Do you provide housing, commercial and project loans ?

Yes, MAKTRIL.COM works with most of the reputed banks in order to provide housing, commercial and project loans. We negotiate behalf of customer best possible rates and favourable terms.

Govt. liasoning is a pain for approvals, who would get the approvals?

MAKTRIL.COM dose the running around for all approvals, it may not be a easy job to accomplish in time, one of our division completly dedicated to all revenu, municipality, Electricity, Water and Fire departments to get required approvals. MAKTRIL.COM completely takes up of all liasoning works behalf of you.

Do you stop Encroachments?

Encroachments will not happen by mistake, It's better to fence your property and have legal documentation in place to defend your self. We are witnessing more land grabbing and encroachment incidents in the city and suburban areas. We are not in luxury of leaving property unprotected even though it is our property. It is our responsibility to fense and obtain all required approvals maximize our profits. Routine visits and physical security for your property minimize the risk of encroachments. MAKTRIL.COM helps its customers to secure the property and done fensing like services.

Can you determine exact selling/buying price in our area?

This question seems pretty simple to ask, but if we proceed based on the answers given by our friends or colleagues our situation will be more complex.There is nothing wrong in trusting friends. Even they also wish for your wellbeing. They want to do good but they don’t know the real good thing in Reality Market. There is nothing wrong from their side, they will simply give the information what they have. It is our responsibility to know the authenticity of the information we have. Knowing the information and finding the authenticity of it will be double trouble. We rather directly look for the authentic information. We recommend you to go for a market analysis. MAKTRIL.COM will provide true picture in order to make your decision boldly.

I am interested in investing in hyderabad but I want to visit personally before I make decision?

I can't roam around the Govt .offices but I want to finish my work, Is it Possible?   We do the running around so you don't have to!   Without roaming around the Govt. Office we can't finish any work. Govt. offices are known for their delay pending and postponement of things. So we can't avoid this roaming but you can , why because we will accomplish your works on your behalf.   MAKTRIL will provide you this service in order to finish your works like.....   Please let us know, if you want to opt of MAKTRILservice

I have open plot in the city, can you come up with a money making project?

MAKTRIL.COM specalized in project management and construction projects, we identify experienced developer who completes the project in time. We also help you in getting the finances for construction. We dedicate project manager for each project and update the customer on weekly basis about the project performance and track all expenses. MAKTRIL.COM uses all advanced project management tools including online traking in order to control unforseen expenses.

My property has been locked, do you find good tenants who pay in time?

MAKTRIL.COM advises its customers to give it on maintenance contract. MAKTRIL.COM takes such properties on complete end to end maintenance i.e. finding tenant, making agreement, background checks on tenants, collections, rental deposits, repairs, dedicate a person, property tax payments and utility bills.

Dose MAKTRIL.COM assist enterprenures to setting up back office or offshore centers?

I want to invest in hyderabad but I want to know everything personally before I Invest?   Yes there is a way to do that. Even we encourage our customers to personally visit their property atleast once. Because they are the ultimate owners of the property. You can also see the projects in hyderabad before you make a decision on your investment.   MAKTRIL REALITY GUIDED TOUR will enable you to personally visit the projects in the hyderabad. We will provide a car, driver and a guide to make your fact finding trip more comfortable. Guide is the key person to make your trip more meaning ful. Guide will be having update information about the Hyderabad Reality Market. He will give you an unbiased information about the projects.   REALITY GUIDED TOUR      

I live in abroad , dose MAKTRIL.COM manages our property?

Managing an asset is big responsibility and guarding your lifetime earnings not an easy task. This is every NRI's problem, often NRI’s rely on their kith and kins or their elderly parents to maintain their property. There is nothing wrong in taking the help from our dear ones but none of us want to burden them or you can’t offer them money for the help due to family obligations nor you can’t demand to finish an urgent work, and if something goes wrong you can't make them accountable. Outcome of such relationships neither you can't maintain both the property and relation as well. MAKTRIL.COM’s PROPERTY MAINTENANCE SERVICE make your life easy and takes accountability.

I am going to india on a property registration work. Can someone do it for me?

Yes , MAKTRIL is there to help you. You need not travel from US to india for the registration of your land. There is a procedure we can follow to avoid the travelling and secure the asset without much complications. Our team will give you all the guidelines about this procedure, which makes your work easy. Ask for Registration Services

Who will buy my property?

Generally every buyer will have this question till they get a genuine buyer. Exiting a property sometimes difficult in down markets, it is better to know our properties best and least values to maximize the benefit. You should be knowledgeable enough to when to showcase in the market, when to exit at what price, screening several interested buyers without spending too much of time, be prepared to answer the expected questions from the buyers, word of mouth does wonders too, required sales and negotiation skills, thorough documentation, verifying buyers financial background and complete the registration process. MAKTRIL.COM is been in business several years and dose make happy exits for several of it’s customers.


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Corporate Services
Property Investments
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fpx051708-36Corporate Residential Services

At MAKTRIL.COM we offer a comprehensive range of value added real estate solutions for multinational corporations throughout India. Today, more and more emphasis is placed on deploying resources in core activity areas and lowering operational costs and liabilities of non-core activities including management of the corporate residential portfolio. At the same time, there is focus on increasing service levels and benefits to employees.

MAKTRIL.COM can assist you in achieving objectives by taking over administration, operation and management of the corporate residential portfolio. We offer a single, accountable, point of contact; bespoke streamlined administration and reporting; a customized package of services including lease management, acquisition, disposal and maintenance services as well as personal orientation services and other initiatives.

  • Viewing and shortlist of available properties
  • Negotiation of Lease and Tenancy terms
  • Post and Pre Handover of Property Check
  • Utility Services
  • Orientations: Overview of city, city tour, Emergency Medical access, Food and Shopping.
  • Any City tour we engage reliable agency
  • Residence Permits, Visa related issue for non residents

Complete Tenancy Management

  • Lease Management
  • Rental Evaluation
  • Maintenance Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Break Lease Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Return of Security Deposits

Commercial and Industrial Services

Our Commercial and Industrial Services professionals apply their understanding of current and emerging technologies, best business practices to all assignments, while maintaining local market expertise across the region meets the specified needs of clients to source high-tech industrial space for manufacturing, assembly, research and development, logistics-based distribution and warehouse facilities as well as land acquisition/disposition assignments. For owners of industrial property, the Industrial & Logistics Services team can secure a sale or find a tenant, aiming to maximize returns with innovative solutions, including alternative uses to unlock hidden potential.

Services include;

  • Sales and leasing of corporate houses, industrial, warehouse and HI -Tech Parks.
  • Corporate relocation of logistics centres
  • Auction and tender for prime properties
  • Rent review and renewal of existing letting
  • Development appraisal of existing bare sites
  • Documentation and Maintenance of records
  • Consultancy and advisory services